Monday, October 12, 2009

Who cares?

I'm about to break the 30,000 word barrier and I am still not sure if anyone will care; about my characters, my story, the two months of effort I have put in so far.

When I started this project I did so in a rush of inspiration. I wanted to read a really good novel in my genre of choice, but I couldn’t find one. I was disappointed a number of times by the TV shows and movies I was watching that sanitised the subject matter for teen audiences and I didn’t want that for my story.

But limiting the readership to adults – catering for something that I would like and not really caring to begin with whether others would like it – that feeling has well and truly worn off. Now, in my second month of writing, I really DO hope that others enjoy what I am writing, enough firstly to consider publishing it and secondly to enjoy reading it.

Is it a gamble to strictly use the metric system when describing distance? E.g. “His face was centimetres from the glass”. Or to set my story not in some fictional city, but very specifically an Australian city (even down to searching out reference photos and referring to Google maps) and NOT even Sydney, the only one anyone else in the world knows about.

There are a lot of things about the story so far than an editor could change. Heck, they might like to change lots of things, but there are little choices like those above that are important to me.

I have the kind of personality which craves acceptance so will I be able to deal with the rejection of publishers or the indifference of the public? Let’s hope so.

Or better yet, let's hope people DO actually care!

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