Tuesday, October 13, 2009

People reading the draft

I was really concerned about people reading my unfinished work for a while. Of course I got my husband to read the bits I loved from the second week of writing, but recently a friend asked if I could send him what I had done so far.

I really didn’t know whether to say yes. If he wasn’t such a good friend I may have said no actually. But since then I have also asked my husband to read it all (the first 28000 words) and he’s ½ way through and loving it. It’s really inspiring to have people read what I have done and give me good feedback – even if it is my husband (although he is pretty honest with me and tells me which parts make no sense.)

But maybe this is premature? I am under half way done and I am still having trouble pushing forward rather than perfecting what I have got. I have had a fairly good day today, but I am worried that when both husband and friend have finished reading the bit I gave them I will be more inclined to edit again rather than continue forward.

Perhaps I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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