Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The title of my blog

I wanted to explain the title of my blog 'eighty thousand words'.
This is my word count goal for this novel. When I reach the 80,000 mark, if I still have more story to tell, then I'll be stoked and keep writing, but if I run out of story before achieving 80,000 then I'll be super sad.
If I hit it first go within 5%... well then I’ll do a jig.

The wise internet (which is never wrong???) has told me from various sources that 80 thow is the magic number for a first time novelist. So that's the number I am going for.

Maybe it seems cold to just be aiming at a number, but it's useful for me to have that kind of clear goal and to watch myself get closer and closer to it every day. Actually, if I didn't have it, I may have given up by now.

And I’m not just aiming at a number. I want to make the elements of my story exciting, flow well, characters fit together with realistic motivations and goals... but I am not going to tell the world what interesting plot hurdle I just conquered because that would be FOOOOOLISH.

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