Friday, February 25, 2011

Get me the hell out of here

I love moving. It's this amazing refreshing of your life. Not just moving across town, but moving across the state or the country. Even moving to a different country - it's all amazing and I love it.

I grew up moving around all the time. I think I counted 7 moves by the time I hit high school. Of course as a kid you don't get the pain of moving, you just go with the flow. You only have to pack your own clothes, then there is a bunch of activity around you and all of a sudden your stuff is somewhere else. When I was little we moved:
from the farm,
to a caravan,
into a house with dad,
away from dad into Grandma's house,
into a house with my cousins,
into a caravan,
mobile home,
cousins house while they were overseas,
a short term rental then finally
a house that mum bought.

Wow, that's not 7 at all, that's 10.

Anyway - as a teenager we stopped moving and I really didn't like this at all. I remember changing the furniture around in my bedroom numerous times. I would just get it into my head that there was a better way to have it. I even pained the walls and recovered the floor in an effort (i now realise) to get that freshly moved feeling. My room was really an oasis away from the crazy brother and messiness of the rest of my house. I grew up, a clean person in a forever messy house. Anyway...

In early adulthood and UNI a blissfully started moving around again.
I moved in with friends, then out again when I couldn't afford to stay.
I moved to Mundubbera for my first teaching position, then back to Logan again for another position.
Moved from one rental to another.
Then with my most awesome BF now DH I moved to CHINA. That was cool.
In China we moved once 1/2 way across the country after a year,
then back to Australia and in with Friends,
then to Browns Plains.

Now DH is in the Army and guess what? Army means being moved around. It's awesome! And the best thing about it is they do all the hard stuff for you.

Moving with the army is much like moving when your a child. You only have to pack your own clothes, then there is a bunch of activity around you and all of a sudden your stuff is somewhere else. I think this is the best thing in the world. So from Browns plains I moved to Wagga Wagga then Oakey and now we are going to Townsville.

I wonder why I love moving so much? I mean apart from the fact that I have done it all my life, I guess I like the freshness it creates.

A house is so much easier to clean when there in NO stuff in it and it's so much hassle to take everything out just to clean out a room. You can get this benefit from moving locally, but moving far away is even better.

There are new streets, shops, parks and communities to explore. You get to be a long-term tourist in all of these places and explore the local tourist attractions at your leisure. While we lived in Wagga Wagga we loved to do the tourist thing and explore the little attractions that there were to see. And we didn't have to pack it into a few days - we could do one thing every now and then and spend time exploring.

I have to admit that over the past year living in Oakey we really haven't done much of that. Living close enough to friends to visit, but still far enough away that it takes the WHOLE day or weekend to do so has made this year all about catching up with friends and family or relaxing - not exploring. Also, having anew baby has taken taken lots of time.

Now, I am just chomping at the bit to get up to Townsville. Tropical Townsville, a stones through from magnetic island, right next to the great barrier reef, nearby so much amazing stuff that it's going to take us years to get through it all. That's awesome - we should be up there for at least a few years! YAY.

Then where to after that? I don't know and franly - I don't care. Anywhere new, anywhere with new stuff to do, new people to meet, new places to see.

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